Since Companion ‘The virtual guide’ inception, we have evolved the application to cater every needs of clients around the world ranging from museums, public forests – parks,Film studios, amusement parks, city guides, fine dine restaurants of all sizes to connect with their visitors.

Companion ‘The virtual guide’ now helping famous restaurants, cruise ships on their migration to digital world.

Companion that helps visitors explore further, add immersive experience, engage visitors, and discover more. You can choose from a range of amazing features to create location and artifacts – based tours, virtual 3D augmented reality tours, web apps, audio visual guides, extensive stories, interactive knowledge based games for visitors, take selfies with augmented artificats and share with loved ones, push notification for visitors, add advertisements, and add unlimited online collections.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. Companion equipped with AR brings mesmerizing and unforgettable experience to your visitors. Now you can have 360 degree visual of artifacts in museum or view of your favorite dish before you order it in restaurant.

100+ Languages

Companion is equipped with 137 international languages. No matter what language your visitor speak and understand, using our app will be a cake walk for them. All the artifacts enlisted in our app are available in multiple languages and some of the languages the audio is supported. We believe in inclusiveness and hence we have also designed and developed our application to cater our services for visual impaired and color blind visitors. It has highest acceptance user friendly interface.

Way Finding

Companion wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space in museum, cruise ship, public forest-park, restaurant and navigate from place to place, staying in connect their close visitors.

No App Download

We understand how privacy is the uttermost important subject for each visitors and everyone would like to avoid downloading applications to their smart phone. Companion has been designed on web application with open source resource no need to application download, simply scan the QR code of Companion and enjoy the salient features. None of your smart phone data will be used or restored anywhere.

Curated Tours

Companion is already transforming the way people experience their artifacts in Museum or setting up expectations with the dish they are about to order in restaurant. It’s no longer about “bucket list artifacts/favourite dishes,” but, “bucket list experiences.” In years past, visitors may have been satisfied to see sites like the Eiffel Tower or Colosseum; or continental/intercontinental dish now they want to get behind the scenes, get underground access or see 360 degree virtual image and read more about the subject. With companion we have carefully curated the collections, select and present information for people to use or enjoy.


Companion is an inclusive web application and designed to cater wide range of visitors. With its audio visual UI now the special visitors who are deprived with eye sight can also enjoy the artifacts in museum, public park, dine in restaurant.